Tondeo Scissors

Tondeo Scissors

Tondeo S-Line Supra Classic Scissors

Tondeo S-Line Supra Classic Scissors - £170.50 (ex VAT)

Tondeo S-Line Supra Classic Scissors, super sharp diamond-ground cutting edge for optimal slicing characteristics, screw system prevents hair cathing in the scissors. Fully hardened ball bearing steel, nickel unalloyed. Filigreed blade and fine stem especially suitable for fine hair.
Available In 5, 5.5 and 6 Inch (Please use the drop down box to choose).


Tondeo Century Micro Classics Scissors

Tondeo Century Micro Classics Scissors - £79.99 (ex VAT)

Tondeo Century Micro Classic Scissors. nickel-unalloyed, hardened stainless steel with silky matt finish, easy-grip micro fine teeth on both blades.
Available In 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5. (Please use the drop down box to choose).


Tondeo Carisma Classic Scissors

Tondeo Carisma Classic Scissors - £370.00 (ex VAT)

Tondeo Carisma Classic Scissors, These Tondeo Premium Line scissors look incredibly chic, with black agate inlays in the handles and over the tension screw, which contrast beautifully with the high-gloss shine of the scissor. There's no doubt that these scissors will really catch the eye and coupled with Tondeo's superior technology, they give you a hair cutting tool that'll achieve the outstanding results your customers expect. Tondeo use their new DGT (Double Grinding Technology) on the cutting edge of these super-hard scissors. This creates a blade so sharp that hair resistance is minimal and you get a uniform pressure along the whole cutting edge, allowing you to get really creative with your slice-cutting technique. The Carisma is designed with a classic straight-handled shape, giving you the perfect mix of weight and balance. The action is flexible to your needs thanks to the pivot point adjustable screw, which is flush to the joint so that it doesn't interfere with your cutting.
Available in 5.0 and 5.5 inches (Please use the drop down box to choose) and supplied with changeable finger-ring inserts, a removable finger rest and an oil dropper.


Tondeo Spring Offset Scissors

Tondeo Spring Offset Scissors - £72.50 (ex VAT)

Tondeo Spring Offset Scissors,
The Tondeo Spring features an ergonomic offset handle design that reduces the strain on your hands and wrists and helps prevent the pain caused by repetitive movement. It has a superbly smooth, fast action which, coupled with its polished slice blades, makes it suitable for all cutting techniques. Like all Tondeo scissors, it's made from high quality, chrome-hardened stainless steel with no nickel content (so no risk of nickel allergy) that gives the scissor great durability and the ability to retain a sharp edge. The finger rest is removable if you prefer to work without it, and the scissors are supplied with changeable finger-ring inserts and an oil pen.
Available in 5.0, 5.5 and 6.0 inches (Please use the drop down box to choose).


Tondeo Spider Star Classic Scissor Pink

Tondeo Spider Star Classic Scissor Pink - £68.50 (ex VAT)

Tondeo Spider Star Classic Scissor Pink, Highly polished German stainless steel with glittering pink Swarovski crystal, This fantastic looking scissor has a smooth action and highly polished blades, ideal for slicing. The adjustable tension screw is set with Swarovski crystals to add some sparkle to your cutting.
Available in 5.0 or 5.5 Inch (Please use the drop down box to choose). It also features a removable finger rest.


Tondeo Century Slice Classic Scissors

Tondeo Century Slice Classic Scissors - £85.50 (ex VAT)

Tondeo Century Slice Classic Scissors, An excellent value high performance scissor, If you're looking for a pair of high performance scissors that won't break the bank, then the Century Slice Classic is a great choice. Made from nickel-unalloyed high grade stainless steel (so removing the risk of nickel allergies), this scissor has a smooth silky surface, which gives you a comfortable grip and is compressed to protect it from scratches and corrosion. The slender polished blade is designed to work for most techniques, including slicing and it comes with a removable finger rest, changeable finger-ring inserts, and an oil dropper
Available only in 5.5"

Tondeo TChiro Scissors

Tondeo TChiro Scissors - £77.50 (ex VAT)

Tondeo TChiro Scissors,
Perfect results, achieved perfectly effortlessly, With a sleek, classic chiro design and a silky matt finish, this ergonomic scissor from Tondeo looks great and dramatically reduces hand fatigue while you work. A large stopper at the closing point of this scissor means that your thumb doesn't have to work so hard to achieve a powerful cut, which makes the muscles less liable to cramp. In addition, the cutting area of the blade is proportionally shorter than most scissors, so there's less effort required when cutting.
The blades are optimised for effortless precision, micro-serrated to hold the hair and prevent slippage—ensuring an accurate cut every time. While the pivot is specially designed to give you a really speedy movement, so you can work quickly as well as precisely.
Available in 5.0 and 5.5 inches (Please use the drop down box to choose) and supplied with a removable finger rest and an oil pen to keep your scissors in great shape.


Tondeo Victory Offset 5.5 Scissors

Tondeo Victory Offset 5.5 Scissors - £210.00 (ex VAT)

Tondeo Victory Offset 5.5 Scissors,
Radically different, futuristic ergonomic design, There's an almost space-age look to these incredible scissors, with their glossy finish and swooping curves. The Victory looks absolutely amazing and it greatly improves your cutting posture, relieving the stress on your hands, wrists and arms.
The tension is adjustable with a really clever invisible screw system, so there's nothing on the surface of the scissor to catch the hair, obstruct your cutting or spoil the gorgeous lines. On top of that, the outstandingly durable ball bearing steel that they're made from and their highly polished compacted surface which offers even greater protection against wear and corrosion, mean that the Victory will still be looking fantastic after years of service.
The narrow, ultra-slice blades, great for accurate precision work, are finished with a double grinding process that ensures perfect sharpness to the cutting edge. You'll get unbeatable slicing performance.
There are no words to do justice to such a gorgeous look and feel, so we're tempted to make one up. We think the Tondeo Victory is simply "snipalicious"!
Available only in 5.5 inches and supplied with changeable finger-ring inserts and a removable finger rest.

Tondeo Zentao Offset 6.5 Scissor

Tondeo Zentao Offset 6.5 Scissor - £349.00 (ex VAT)

Tondeo Zentao Offset 6.5 Scissor,
An outstanding scissor which really does have the WOW factor.
The Zentao takes ergonomic to new levels. A stunning design of sweeping curves and angles in a mix of matt and gloss finishes which gives it the appearance of liquid mercury. It's a work of art, rightly deserving of its nomination for the 2010 Salonstar Awards.
Once you've finished admiring its looks, you can put it to work and see the difference that German craftsmanship and engineering can make. The slim sword blades give you excellent stability and a uniform power to the very tips. The blades undergo Tondeo's special "Xtrem" double grinding process, which results in super sharp edges and a virtually frictionless action that give you a feather-soft, effortless cutting feel. They stay that way for longer too, because they're made from ultra-hard ball-bearing steel.
The ergonomic design of the handles means that your hand will be supported, whatever cutting position you choose. The tension is adjustable and has a failsafe mechanism to prevent it being set too loose and damaging the scissor. The screw system itself is cleverly concealed so that nothing detracts from the Zentao's fabulous looks.
A top-of-the-range scissor from an industry giant, and it shows.
Available only in 6.5 inch scissor.
Can take up to 10 days for delivery.