Hair And Beauty Tutorial DVD's

Eyelash Perming DVD

Eyelash Perming DVD - 17.61 (ex VAT)

A full eyelash treatment is demonstrated, including preparation and aftercare. Also covers information relating to the safe use of products.

Lash And Brow Treatments DVD

Lash And Brow Treatments DVD - 17.61 (ex VAT)

Includes eyebrow shaping, eyelash and eyebrow tinting, and application of false eyelashes.

Advanced Massage Techniques DVD

Advanced Massage Techniques DVD - 19.56 (ex VAT)

Helen McGuinness covers a step-by-step demonstration of deep palpation skills, deep tissue massage techniques for common problem areas, introduction to locating trigger points to help relieve chronic pain, introduction to scretching techniques and rehabilitation.

Facial Massage DVD

Facial Massage DVD - 19.56 (ex VAT)

Facials are one of the most popular services to offer a client in a salon, as they are very beneficial in helping to improve the skin condition, but are also very relaxing to receive. Having good skin can help clients look healthy and improving the appearance, and the texture and look of the skin is an important factor for most clients, regardless of age.

Helen McGuinness covers a step-by-step demonstration including: cleansing, toning, exfoliation, steaming, facial massage routine, mask application, moisturising and eye & lip care.


Facial StoneTherapy

Facial StoneTherapy - 19.56 (ex VAT)

Helen McGuinness covers a step-by-step demonstration of how to use warm and cool stones to enhance your facial treatments, assist lymph drainage and rebalancing of a client's skin condition.

Manicure DVD

Manicure DVD - 19.56 (ex VAT)

Helen McGuinness demonstrates a basic manicure including shaping and filing the nails, buffing, cuticle work, hand/arm massage and polish application (Including a french manicure). In addition, it includes the application of specialised treatments for the hands and nails; a 'spa' manicure to include exfoliation, hand mask and heated mittens, as well as demonstrations of a paraffin wax application and the use of hot oil.

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Nail Enhancement DVD

Nail Enhancement DVD - 17.61 (ex VAT)

Step by step demonstration of U.V. gel nail enhancements. Helen demonstrates the preparation and application for the tips and overlays, and safe removal. Includes information on troubleshooting.

Pedicure DVD-L

Pedicure DVD-L - 19.56 (ex VAT)

Pedicure treatments are always in demand in today's busy salon. Therapists need to have good skills in this area of Salon Services in order to maintain client demand for this regular service.
Helen McGuinness demonstrates a basic pedicure including cutting and filing of the toenails, cuticle work, lower leg/foot massage and polish application (Including a French pedicure).
In addition, it includes the application of specialised treatments for the feet and nails; a 'spa' pedicure to include exfoliation, foot mask and heated booties, as well as a demonstration of a parrafin wax application and stone massage.

Wax Depilation DVD

Wax Depilation DVD - 19.56 (ex VAT)

Waxing is a method of temporary hair removal that removes hair from its follicle and lasts for between 3 and 6 weeks, depending on the clients hair growth pattern and the area the hair is being removed from. Warm waxing systems are now extremely superior and deal successfully with the majority of hair growths that enter the salon.
Helen McGuinness demonstrates efficient warm waxing techniques to the lower and upper leg, standard bikini line, underarm, chin, upper lip and eyebrow. It also includes an application to a Man's back.

Brazilian Bikini Wax Dvd

Brazilian Bikini Wax Dvd - 19.56 (ex VAT)

Brazilian Bikini waxes are an extremely sought after salon service. The treatment involves removal of hair from the front and back of the area leaving a small strip of hair at the front. Brazilian waxing was first introduced in New York in 1987 by seven Brazilian-born sisters.
Helen McGuinness sensitively demonstrates the use of hard wax to the 'extended bikini' area. The DVD also includes helpful hints to help 'take the fear' out of this sought after service.


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