Renbow Crazy Colour

Renbow Crazy Colour

Renbow Crazy Color Bleaching Kit

Renbow Crazy Color Bleaching Kit - 5.99 (ex VAT)

Renbow Crazy Color Bleaching Kit,
Complete pre-treatment for vibrant Crazy Color, Renbow's fabulous range of Crazy Color hair dyes work superbly on all types of hair, but to get really exotic colours with dazzling vibrancy, you first need to bleach the hair to the light yellow stage.
This bleaching kit contains 2 sachets of bleach, cream peroxide and all the tools you need to get the colour you want.

Full kit includes:
Disposable gloves;
Mixing bowl;
Tint brush;
2 x bleach sachets (25 grams each);
100 ml 9% (30 vol) cream peroxide;
Full multilingual instructions.

Can be used as a pre-lightener for any brand of hair colour or tint

Crazy Colour Semi-Permanent 100ml

Crazy Colour Semi-Permanent 100ml - 2.30 (ex VAT)

Crazy color should be used exactly as it is supplied without the addition of any other substance and works best on hair that has an even depth of colour. it will give lustrous translucent depths on natural hair. For exotic, vibrant hair colours the hair must be bleached before application.

Crazy color is the ideal product for:
Life and shine on natural hair
Just a hint of colour on natural light hair
Glowing colours on very light bleached hair
To revive faded oxidation on tinted hair and to
Achieve a richer longer lasting colour and condition
To add depth and richness of colour immediately after tinting
To beautifully shade bleached hair
To remove unwanted yellow tones, green tones etc...
Repigmenting over bleached hair
Lasts on an average 3 - 6 shampoos

Available in 22 vibrant shades (please use the drop down box to select)